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Before starting you will need:


• A relatively fast network connection – big download

• A Skidmore College student email account

• Access to your email – two messages will be sent

• Ample disk space to hold the download and installed program


Ordering Mathematica, Student Version:


1. Run a browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari.


2. Go to: Wolfram Activation Key Request Form


3. Sign in with an existing account or create a new one if you’ve never installed Mathematica before.



Note: If you created a new account, you should receive a success message.

Click OK in the message window.


4. Request a key after signing in or creating an account.

This is the Wolfram Activation Key Request Form.


a. Your name and address should already be there from the sign in.


b. You may ignore Department and Notes fields.


c. Select a Product is already filled in with the only option.


d. Select a Platform: Windows, Macintosh, or Linux.


e. Click Submit at the bottom.




5. Check your email but please leave this web page open.

a. In the first email, click the link to validate your email address.

A thank you web page opens. You may close it.

b. The second message has your activation key. Keep it safe.

6. Back at Wolfram, a page has appeared with your product key.

7. Start the download by clicking Product Summary Page.



8. Click Register Your Product.



9. Enter your activation key (see your email for the code).


10. Click Continue.


11. You reach the Register Your Product page.


12. Fill in every required field that has a red asterisk.


13. Scroll to the bottom and click Finish.


14. In the Congratulations window, click OK.


15. You arrive at a portal that has a Downloads section at the bottom.


16. Download and install the correct version for your computer.



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