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Knowledgebase : Email
See attached document for detailed instructions
See attached document for detailed instructions
You can have the computer do email filing for you. Choose a particular sender, or common subject line, and have Outlook put those kinds of email into a folder for you. HERE’S HOW YOU DO THAT. * Sign into your email via the web. http://owa.skidmore.ed...
BACKGROUND Events created in Skidmore's Outlook Web Access (OWA) will be added to your Outlook Calendar and can be sent to both Skidmore email addresses and email addresses from other email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc). CREATING AND INVITING...
BACKGROUND Rather than deleting messages one by one, clearing a full inbox can be faster by deleting messages in groups. However, this can be difficult if messages to keep are mixed in with those to be deleted. In the example below, we can see five mess...
BACKGROUND Calendar sharing is a fantastic tool for coordinating meetings, events, room scheduling, and more! The steps in this guide will illustrate how to enable this useful feature. SHARING THE CALENDAR 1. Open a browser (Internet Explorer, Safar...
1) Log into your Outlook Web: i) [] 2) Click on the Gear Icon in the top right of the screen (1) then Click on "View All Outlook Settings" (2) : i) FORWARDING: 1) Now you can select the Forw...
BACKGROUND This article will discuss setting up Skidmore email on an Android phone. DEALING WITH ANDROID DESIGN FRAGMENTATION Devices running Android have many different interface configurations based on the phone manufacturer. Please be aware that t...