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This tipsheet explains how to access your Skidmore provided Box account, rather than a personal Box account.



Skidmore Box Access  


1) Skidmore Box is found at Click on Continue to login.



2) Provide your Skidmore user credentials.



3) From the homepage, you can manage content in Box.




You can invite people from Skidmore and elsewhere to view and interact with your content in Skidmore's That is: ANY user with a valid email address can be invited to collaborate and be assigned access to files and folders with permissions that you specify. Simply include the individual's email address or multiple addresses if it's more than one person and they will be notified by email. By adding a collaborator, you can edit and polish your work with a second opinion. 


Adding Collaborators on


1) Under all files and folders, click on the "Share" button on the right.



2) To add a collaborator, enter the name or email address(es) of the contacts you wish to share your work with.


3) Once you've entered the email address(es), you can choose to add a message. Click "send" when you have finished.




Account settings is where you customize your Box experience. You can control aspects of your account, such as your profile, security settings, notifications, and more.



How do I manage my account settings? 


In the upper right hand corner, click on the wheel to the right of your name. In the pull down menu, select Account Settings. You many wish to explore the different tabs. For each tab, below is a brief description.


This provides information about your account. All users have 15 GB of storage.


You can upload an image of yourself, customize your name, add a phone number, website link, and provide your job title.


Each time you access Box, a generated log has a timestamp and other information about your session.


Content & Sharing

One of the excellent features of Box is that you can selectively manage degrees content access at folder individual folder level or setting default new links permissions on all new generated content items moving forward. 


Under Enable external links, you can allow collaborators to link and share your content. It is recommended to leave this as is to make it easier to collaborate with others. It makes you less a gatekeeper and more a content enabler in a multi-authored space. However, if information is sensitive in nature, you may wish to restrict sharing access if you determine that your collaborators should not be able to share folder access.


  1. Leaving it set to Open means that it is available to anyone with whom you share the direct link, that is: login is not required to view content. This is the best option to maximize collaborator access as your collaborators can share the link with others. No one will "stumble" on the link as it is not posted anywhere except where you or your collaborators share it on a website or via email. 
  2. Selecting @Skidmore College requires a login that only Skidmore community can access.
  3. Collaborators Only means that only people you invite can access your content. This is most restrictive sharing feature and is recommended where sensitive data is stored.


It is recommended that you leave Collaborating on Content and Uploading Content as is.


After using Box for some time, you may decide to increase or decrease the number of email notifications when collaborators access and/or upload content. You can selectively modify the frequency and type of notification as suits your needs. This is a nice feature that keep you updated on content status but also generates a lot of emails depending on activity.


Additional productivity apps enhance functionality with Box. Box for iPad lets you access your content from your iPad. Box for Office lets Windows users enjoy a more seamless editing experience between desktop and Box.


Mobile and Sync
Download and enable Box Sync on folders where real time changes to content on your desktop are reflected and updated automatically in Box.  




Maintained by the IT Help Desk - Last revised 7/23/15