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Knowledgebase : Cloud Services

Sharing a file in One Drive


1) Login into Oulook Web:

2) Click on the Waffle menu in the top left

3) Select One Drive

4) Either select Upload if this is a file located on your local computer or select the file name if you have already uploaded it.

5) Once the file is located on One Drive click on the Three Vertical Dots next to it's name.

6) Select the "Share" Option

7) Click "Anyone with Link can edit"

8) Change this to either "People in Skidmore College with The Link" or "Specific People" (If you leave it as anyone then the file could be insecure)

9) Check the "Allow Editing" box if you want the file to be a read only version.

i) If you selected Specific people it will go to a second screen which allows you to enter which user(s) you wish to have access.

10) A link will be sent to the user(s) which you granted access to.