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Forgetting SkidmoreSecure Network on MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android
Posted by Mark Cross, Last modified by John Sanders on 21 May 2021 09:49 AM

Forgetting SkidmoreSecure on MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android




1. Navigate to Network Preferences by clicking the wireless icon on the top-right portion of the Menu Bar, then selecting "Open Network Preferences..."



2. Highlight "Wi-Fi" in the left pane, then select "Advanced" in the main body of the window.




3. Highlight "SkidmoreSecure" in the list of networks and click the minus symbol below.




4. Once the network is no longer in the list, click OK. 



5. Click Apply, in the bottom right.

6. Then, go to the Menu Bar and quit System Preferences.


7. Restart your computer. You MUST do this step, otherwise the wifi settings will linger on and continue to cause trouble.



Windows 10


1. Open Wi-Fi settings. From the Start Menu, you can either search for it as shown here, or you can select the gear icon for Settings, select "Network and Internet", and navigate to Wi-Fi.



2. Select "Manage known networks" from the options.



3. Highlight SkidmoreSecure and select "Forget". Then you're done. The network has been forgotten.



If you are using a previous version of Windows please call the help desk for assistance.




1. Open the Settings app.


2. Navigate to Wi-Fi settings as shown. You should see SkidmoreSecure - it might be under "Choose a Network" if you are not currently connected to it. Click the Blue "i" icon.



3. Select "Forget This Network". Once that has been done, restart the phone. Then you're done! The network has been forgotten.





The steps to forget a wireless network on an Android device are very similar to the steps on iOS. Design fragmentation depending on the manufacturer of the device prevents screen captures from helping, but these steps should be the same or very similar on your device.


1. Navigate to your settings. This is located in various locations depending on manufacturer: It might be a widget that you can access by swiping down from the top of the screen, or it might be an application on your home screen or in your apps folder.


2. Navigate to Wi-Fi settings.


3. Hold your finger on the button for SkidmoreSecure and select “Forget” or “Disconnect”


If there are any challenges, please contact the IT Help Desk.


Maintained by the IT Help Desk. Last Revision 10/3/2017

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