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Setting up Auto Reply and Forwarding in Outlook Web
Posted by Micheal Grant, Last modified by Micheal Grant on 28 May 2020 03:06 PM

1) Log into your Outlook Web:


2) Click on the Gear Icon in the top right of the screen (1)  then Click on "View All Outlook Settings" (2) :




1) Now you can select the Forwarding Option and click the check box titled "Enable Forwarding".

2) Next Enter the address you will forward to and select Keep a copy of forwarded message if you want it to be sent to you as well.

3) Click Save in the bottom right of the pop up window.


Auto Reply:

1) Select "Automatic Replies" and then click the toggle button to enable auto replies.

2) Select the time frame you want this to start and end. Optionally you can not set this and it will start when you hit save.

3) Select the options to deny calendar invites and block out calendar.

4) Enter the reply message you wish to be sent to internal users (Skidmore users) in the top box.

5) In the lower box set the message for external users (Anyone outside Skidmore).

6) Click Save in the lower right of the pop up window.




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