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Knowledgebase: Email
Creating an email rule in OWA
Posted by John Sanders, Last modified by Kathy Kinnin on 06 December 2017 11:25 AM

You can have the computer do email filing for you. Choose a particular sender, or common subject line, and have Outlook put those kinds of email into a folder for you.


Here’s how you do that.

  • Sign into your email via the web., or follow the links from the Students or Faculty/Staff pages (off Skidmore’s home page).
  • Before you start on the road to making a new rule, it will help to have already clicked once on an example of an email you want to make the rule about. If you want to send all email from Mary to a folder called “Followups”, click on an email from Mary before going to the next step. If you haven’t already created the folder you want to the email to go to automatically, be sure to create that now, too.
  • Click on the gear icon in the upper right.

  • In the bar that opens, towards the bottom, click on “Mail” under Your app settings.
  • In the left-hand bar that opens, click in “Inbox and sweep rules”.
  • Click on the plus button to create a new rule.
  • Give the rule a name. It’s important to be specific, so you know what the rule does later on.
  • Choose what email you want to act on. In this case, we’ll be choosing to act on all email Received From … Mary.
  • Next, choose what kind of action you’ll be doing with the email. Normally, you’ll be choosing to “Move email…” to a specific folder.
  • Click “Ok” and be sure to Save the rule.

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