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Knowledgebase: Mac OS X
How to Use Secure Printing from Mac to Xerox
Posted by Michael Sturm, Last modified by John Sanders on 12 February 2016 03:40 PM





It’s possible to print a document, and have it not actually come out of the printer until you go and release it.


This document will cover utilizing Secure Print with the Xerox copier/printers.



Printing to a Xerox Copier


1. From the print dialog, click on the third drop-down menu (it will have different names, depending on what program you’re currently using), and select “Xerox Features”.




2. Where it says “Job Type” click on “Normal Print” and select “Secure Print”.



3. Enter a number, from 1 to 4 digits long. This is the number you’ll be required to know when releasing the document at the Xerox copier/printer.


4. Press the “Print” button. Your document will not be printed until you go to the Xerox copier/printer and release it.


5. Go to the Xerox copier/printer.


6. On the front of the copier, press the “Job Status” button.



7. You should see a list of all the jobs currently on the copier/printer. Look for your username and the words “Secure Print”.



8. Tap on your name, firmly. You should see the following screen. Tap on “Release”.



9. Next, you’ll be asked to enter the number (or “PIN”) you entered from your computer.



10. Once you press “Enter”, your document will be printed. You should see something like the following.






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