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Saving Word Documents as PDF Files
Posted by Michael Sturm, Last modified by Mark Cross on 29 March 2017 03:49 PM



This tipsheet discusses the process of saving Word documents as PDF files.


What is a PDF?


PDF files are designed for cross-platform, consistent viewing of documents. Instead of your text and images displaying differently (or not at all) on different devices and software, PDF files will display the same exact way on every device and PDF viewing software. PDF software like Adobe Acrobat Pro DC can also allow spaces for signatures, comments, and other features.


Before You Start


For the future, in case you need to edit the document, save a copy as a normal Word document. That way, you will have two copies; one to be edited if needed, the other for distribution.



Create a PDF Document

This example uses Word 2016 (Windows) in the screen shots.


1. Run the program and open or create a document.

2. First, save your work as a normal Office document so you can edit it in the future.

3. Click the File tab.



4. In the menu, choose Save As.



5. The pane that opens up on the right is a location selector. Yours may look differently than the screenshot. Save the document wherever is most convenient (Browse will let you select any storage location).



6. Once you have selected the save location, on the bottom of the file explorer window, in the dropdown menu for Save as type, select PDF.



7. Click the Save button.



 Maintained by the IT Help Desk - Last revised 3/29/17

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