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Setup Office 365 Email on Android
Posted by Michael Sturm, Last modified by Michael Sturm on 07 April 2016 12:11 PM



This article will discuss setting up Skidmore email on an Android phone.


Dealing with Android Design Fragmentation


Devices running Android have many different interface configurations based on the phone manufacturer. Please be aware that these directions attempt to encompass the many varients, yet do not cover all. If you have a device that doesn't seem to be covered by the instructions, please feel free to bring it to the IT Help Desk in the library and we can attempt to troubleshoot.


Email Setup - Generic


If you are on-campus: Connect to Wi-Fi. 3G/4G works poorly in some campus locations.

Choose Skidmore Secure in academic and administrative buildings.

ResHallWiFi is your choice inside campus residences.


1. Enter the email account settings menu.


a. From your device’s home screen, tap the menu button and select Settings.

Alternatively, you can launch the Settings application within the application list.


b. Tap Accounts or tap Accounts and Sync in the Settings menu.


c. Tap the Add account button.


2. From account types, choose Corporate, Corporate Sync, Exchange, or Exchange ActiveSync.


3. Enter your full address in the Email Address typing box. Use all lower case.


Current students and employees:




4. Enter your Password and then tap Next.


Take special care to type it correctly on your device’s keyboard.


5. On the server settings screen several changes need to be made.


a. Entering your address varies by device:


Separate fields for Domain and Username: leave the Domain blank (empty) and enter your full email address in the Username field.

- or -

Combined Domain\Username field: enter your full email address.


Note: Some older Android devices require SKIDMORE\


b. Remove from the Server field and change it to


c. If you see an option Accept All SSL Certificates or Use Secure Connection, it should be checked On.


d. Tap Next.


6. This step varies by device:


Done screen appears: Setup is complete but additional settings may be accessible within your email.

- or -

Done screen does not appear: continue to the next step


7. This step varies by device:


Security notification pops up: tap OK to allow server access for additional features.

- or -

Notification bar instead of pop up: Slide down the notification bar and tap OK or Accept.


8. The Account Options screen allows you to control the email app's behavior (also available later).


a. Inbox checking frequency selects how often to check the server for new messages. The default, Automatic (Push), chooses to always look for mail whenever you are Internet connected.


b. Days to sync controls how far back in time your device looks for messages.

The application may be limited to a maximum of 30 days of email.


c. Check the boxes for Contacts and Calendar if you want these features on your device.


d. Tap Next.


9. Some devices ask, Activate device administrator?  If your device shows this, tap Activate.


10. Label the account with a name like Skidmore to differentiate it from other email accounts.


11. Tap Next.


12. Setup is complete. Your device may show a complete screen or may take you back into settings.


You can now launch the Email app from your device’s home screen or applications menu. It may take several minutes for your mail to appear.  The email application may be a bit sluggish while email is downloading.



 Maintained by the IT Help Desk - Last revised 4/7/16

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