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Knowledgebase: Windows
How to Setup a Campus Network Printer on a PC (Windows)
Posted by Michael Sturm, Last modified by Michael Sturm on 22 July 2015 09:41 AM




  • Please use this method and not the Add Printer wizard.


  • You must be on the campus network – either logged into Skidmore Secure or plugged into Ethernet.


  • You must know Skidmore's name for your printer, e.g. Ecology1_p5.



First Determine the Server


Public Library Printing


At the IT Help Desk on the first floor of the library, we're happy to help setup library or campus printers. Alternatively, please follow the steps below using \\ as the print server.



Outside the Library


The last two characters of a printer's name are the server, i.e. p4 = prtsrv4 and p5 = prtsrv5.

The _x on a printer name means it is a Xerox copier on xeroxprtsrv.


You must be on campus, non-res hall Ethernet or logged into non-res hall Wi-Fi.


SkidmoreGuest Wi-Fi will not work for printing. SkidmoreSecure is the preferred network for these operations.


If you use SkidmoreSecure, it should remember you after the first login – recommended.

If you use SkidmoreWireless, you need to log in each time – not recommended.



Open the Run Command



The run command varies by your version of Windows.


In Windows 8 and 8.1: Hold the Windows logo key to the left of the space bar and tap the R key to open the run utility.





In Windows 7, you have two choices:


Windows key + R as above.

- or -

Type inside Search Programs and Files (bottom of the Start menu).




In Windows XP, choose Run from the Start menu.



Open the Print Server Window


1. Type two backslashes ( \\ not // ) and the name of the print server.

For example, \\ or \\ or \\


2. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard. In Windows XP, you may click OK if desired.


3. If a login is requested, enter your username as skidmore\username   (you need \ and not / )


4. A window opens with an alphabetical list of printers.


5. Right-click the desired printer and choose Connect.


In the library, please choose Library_Public from \\





For non-library printers, choose your queue from \\prtsrv4, \\prtsrv5, or \\xeroxprtsrv.





6. If you are finished adding printers, you may close the print server window.



Setting the Default Printer in Windows 8 & 8.1


The default is the printer automatically pre-selected when you choose to print.


1. At the Start screen start typing Devices and Printers


2. Right-hand charms bar opens where you can tap/select Devices and Printers


3. The Devices and Printers window opens on the desktop


4. Get the context menu for the desired printer by either ...


Press and hold on the printer on a touch screen until the menu appears

- or -

Right-click the printer with a mouse


5. Choose Set as default printer from the context menu


7. A green circle with a white check indicates which is the default printer


Setting the Default Printer in Windows XP & 7


The default is the printer automatically pre-selected when you choose to print.


1. Get to your list of printers.


XP: Start menu > Settings > Printers and Faxes

Windows 7: Start menu > Devices and Printers


2. Right-click a printer icon that will be your default.


3. Choose Set as default printer


4. A circled check mark indicates which printer or queue is the default.




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