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Knowledgebase: Mac OS X
Adding a Shared Mailbox in Outlook for Mac
Posted by Michael Sturm, Last modified by John Sanders on 23 June 2015 04:19 PM

To add a shared mailbox in Outlook for Mac:


In the Outlook 2011 tool bar select “Tools”:




In the menu that appears, select “Accounts…”:



In the properties box that appears, select the “Advanced” button:


Now select the “Delegates” Button:


In the new box that overlays the old, select the “+” button underneath the “People I am a delegate for:” section:


And in the next box, type the email address of the shared mailbox in the rectangle and hit “Find”. When the name appears click the “OK” at the bottom to add the shared mailbox. Then OK or close until all the boxes disappear.


The shared mailbox will appear at the very bottom underneath all your current mailbox folders.



 Maintained by the Help Desk - Last Revised 6/23/2015

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